Big Hair Tossed Wiener Dogs


Big Hair Tossed Wiener Dogs

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If you have long hair and would like to be able to wear a standard surgical cap instead of the bouffant style, you should try our “Big Hair” Surgical Cap. This cap is a hybrid of the standard and bouffant styles. As you can see, it has a standard front and a large bouffant hair pouch in the back. It gives the look of the regular design and also accommodates long hair ( and large heads too). There are 4 mini “belt loops” in the back that the ties can go through for different tie styles. The loops keep your hair from getting caught in the knot and if you don’t want to tie it, the ties will lay straight down your back. You can also tie it in a pony tail style. One size fits most.

As an added benefit, there is a super absorbent terrycloth sweatband in the cap. No more sweat in your eyes during long hours of surgery. And, it makes the cap very comfortable.